Developer Documentation

If you have any questions about using our service from a development standpoint, please feel free to join #mediacrush on to get help.

Open Source

MediaCrush is completely open source. If you want to learn more about how something works, or improve something, head over to GitHub and hack away.

Public API

API Documentation

MediaCrush offers a free API to developers that allows you to upload media and retrieve information on files on our servers. This API is completely free, but we appreciate a donation if you plan to use it, since we don't get any ad views from API users. We would also appreciate a donation if you hotlink to us often.

API Wrappers

Have you written a cool API wrapper for MediaCrush? Let us know and we'll mention it here.







Blob Identifiers

We use MD5 hashes* to identify a media blob, which is a collection of files that make up one "media" object. This hash comes from the originally uploaded file, and is base 64 encoded, with + replaced by -, and / replaced with _. In other words, to get the blob identifier of a file: base64(md5(file)).replace('+', '-').replace('/', '_'). Finally, we take the first 12 characters and discard the rest of the hash. This becomes the blob identifier - which is what the file appears at when you visit /identifier.

* Before you cry "security!", realize that MD5 is fine for checksums and we aren't actually using them to protect sensitive information.

Embedding Media

It's easy to embed media into your website. For simple cases, just click on 'Embed' on the media page and paste that HTML into your blog/website/whatever. For more complex cases, you may want to use mediacrush.js, which will handle all the heavy lifting for you. It can be as simple as:

<div class="mediacrush" data-media="9XtPgnJgFimB"></div>